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Mobile Suit Gundam Forever
Contact the Pilots


Passing Destinies
The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star
The Fight for Independence
Go Forth, Gundam Team
Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!
Scenario of Bloodshed
Contact the Pilots

Below is a list of the Gundam Fighters, the usual name they answer to, and how you can contact them. If you do not see a pilot listed here, then that pilot is a Non-Played Character (NPC). There will be a separate listing of them, alphabetized by nation.

Trowa Barton/Schwarz Bruder - Chris -
Fiona Campbell - Heddy -
Dorothy Catalonia - Laney -
Chang Wufei - Dan -
Kapri Juuhou - Tija -
Treize Khushrenada/Konoko Shiro - Nick -
Zack Knightblade - Zach -
Kotaku Muchitsujo/Saeiyel Vaylus - Myystic Dischord/J -
Musouka Omoisugoshi - Jess -
Hilde Schbeiker - Jade -
Kali Siftah - Tina -
Heero Yuy - Heero/C -

Non-Played Character Gundam Fighters
Sai Saici - Neo China
Frank Gastro - Neo Cuba
Hans Holger - Neo Denmark
George de Sand - Neo France
Marcelot Cronos - Neo Greece
Paul Bauhoben - Neo Holland
Chandra Sijiema - Neo India
???? - Neo Iraq
Conta N'Doul - Neo Kenya
Gala Garla - Neo Malaysia
Chico Rodriguez - Neo Mexico
Kill Harn - Neo Mongolia
Kyral Mekiral - Neo Nepal
Chelsea Walesa - Neo Poland
Romario Monini - Neo Portugal
Argo Gulskii - Neo Russia
Russets Daggats - Neo Singapore
Saette Gyuzelle - Neo Turkey