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Mobile Suit Gundam Forever
The Fight for Independence


Passing Destinies
The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star
The Fight for Independence
Go Forth, Gundam Team
Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!
Scenario of Bloodshed
Contact the Pilots

War quickly broke out between the Gundam Fighters of the Future Century, the Gundam Pilots of the After Colony and Post Meteor, and the OZ, Barton Foundation, and White Fang organizations of the two Gundam Pilot universes.

War broke out with the White Fang attack against this Neo Japanese base.

White Fang's OZ-06MS Leo troops attack inside the base.

Chang Wufei, piloting XXXG-01S2 Gundam Nataku, retaliates against the White Fang Leo commander.

Hundreds of military and civilian lives, as well as the MS factory, were lost in the attack.

White Fang's Leo commander (in purple) destroying helpless Neo Japanese soldiers.

Few White Fang pilots have the skills necessary to stand in battle against a Gundam.

Eventually, the war in space escalated, until a full-scale war known as The Second Eve War began. The Barton Foundation and White Fang, with their advanced, new-model Mobile Dolls, appeared to have the edge against OZ's old-model Mobile Suits piloted by humans and the Future Century Gundam Fighters.

Two WF-02MD Virgo II being destroyed by a beam cannon.

White Fang's Virgo MD defending the OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon of White Fang leader Milliardo Peacecraft.

Virgo II Planet Defensors protecting Epyon from attack.

White Fang Virgo impaled by the beam trident of XXXG-01S2 Gundam Altron.

Barton Foundation BF-02MD Virgo protected from a Leo attack by its Planet Defensors

Future Century FC-06MS Leo attacking enemy Virgo with the 105mm assault rifle.

OZ fielded old OZ-06MS Leo against the White Fang's WF-02MD Virgo II and OZ-02MD Virgo and the Barton Foundation's BF-12SMS Taurus Mobile Dolls. Even with the Future Century Gundam Fighters fighting against White Fang and the Barton Foundation, OZ's decision seemed to be a poor one.

OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II, the Mobile Suit piloted by Treize Khushrenada, commander of the OZ forces.

XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock, piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner, evading an attack from the Epyon.

Tallgeese II kicking away a damaged White Fang Virgo.

White Fang Virgo II narrowly avoiding a beam from an OZ Leo's 105mm assault rifle.

Barton Foundation Virgo firing back into OZ's Leo forces from behind Planet Defensors.

Damaged Future Century Leo sliding along the surface of a Colony.