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Mobile Suit Gundam Forever
Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!


Passing Destinies
The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star
The Fight for Independence
Go Forth, Gundam Team
Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!
Scenario of Bloodshed
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After two years of endless warfare, the soldiers fighting the Second Eve War were looking for ways out. When protests began to rise, it became apparent that something other than war would be required to end the bloodshed. At LaGrange Point AX, a Colony that had declared independence and neutrality, representatives of each nation and government met, and decided to use the Gundam Fight as a method of putting an end to the violence.

This page under minor construction.

Metsukikage Gundam
Neo-Japan Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Kotaku Muchitsujo
Armaments: Twin Beam Glaive, Buster Shield, Vulcan guns
Special Notes:
Metsukikage is built for speed and agility, not for close combat. Like the German-built Zerbrocht Gundam, Metsukikage is based from the Deathscythe HELL Custom design, and therefore sports a high stealth rating.
Pilot Kotaku Muchitsujo is the Shuffle Alliance Queen of Spades. As such, her Gundam will have special techniques. Use caution.

Wing Gundam ZERO
Neo-Canada Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Kapri Juuhou
Armaments: Twin Buster Rifle, Beam saber, Machine cannons, Wing Vulcans
Special Notes:
The original Gundam from which the other five Gundams from Operation Meteor were designed. Its Twin Buster Rifle has the power to destroy an entire Colony. The ZERO System allows the pilot to predict and decide on outcomes of actions. Pilot Kapri Juuhou is the Shuffle Alliance Black Joker. As such, her Gundam will have multiple special techniques. Use extreme caution.

Wing Gundam ZERO Custom
Neo-Australia Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Heero Yuy
Armaments: Twin Buster Rifle, Beam saber, Machine cannons
Special Notes:
The Custom variant of Wing ZERO is far superior to the original ZERO design, most notably in the addition of vernier 'wings' that serve as atmospheric shielding for reentry protection. May self-destruct when cornered. Use extreme caution.

Gundam Epyon
Neo-Scotland Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Fiona Campbell
Armaments: Heat Rod, Beam saber, Vulcan guns
Special Notes:
The refit White Fang Gundam now owned by Neo-UK pilot Fiona Campbell. No different than the original Epyon model created by Treize Khushrenada in AC 195, Scotland's Epyon is also built for its close-combat abilities, lacking any long-range weapons except Vulcan guns.

Gundam Night Angel
Neo-Austria Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Hilde Schbeiker
Armaments: Noventa Cannon, Beam Scythe, Vulcan Guns
Special Notes:
The Night Angel was first designed by White Fang as the X-1 Gundam to fight against the rebellious Gundams based from Mars. It was stolen by Hilde, who turned its awesome firepower against White Fang. Following the Second Eve War, Hilde went to Earth, deciding to use her Gundam to represent Neo Austria in the Gundam Tournament.

Schatten Gundam
No National Representative
Pilot: Schwarz Bruder
Armaments: Heat Spiegel Blade, Wrist Machine Cannons, Vulcan Guns, Hyper Jammers, Iron Net, Messergranz
During the 13th Gundam Fight, Schwarz Bruder was revealed to be a DG cell-created android version of Domon Kasshu's brother, Kyoji. He had taken the identity from the true Schwarz Bruder, who had died trying to defeat the Devil Gundam. Kyoji had died near the end of the 13th Gundam Fight, but he has mysteriously returned under Schwarz's name, piloting an upgraded Gundam Spiegel without representing any nation.

Neo Crescens Gundam
Neo-Belgium Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Musouka Omoisugoshi
Armaments: Nanomachine Technology, Plasma Cannon, Hyper Surround Shield
Special Notes:
Neo Crescens is not based from any previous Gundam design. As such, not much is known about it. It appears to be built for agility and speed. Musouka carries the Shuffle Alliance crest of the Jack of Diamonds. Her already-dangerous Gundam will carry several special techniques. Use caution.

Distruzione Gundam
Neo-Italy Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Chang Wufei
Armaments: Dragon Fang Striker, Twin Nova, Plasma Shield
Special Notes:
Distruzione is based from the original Gundam piloted by Chang, the XXXG-01S2 Gundam Alto-Long (Nataku), which was destroyed in the Second Eve War. As such, its Dragon Fangs have extreme range and the Gundam itself is built for hand-to-hand combat. Chang holds the Shuffle Alliance crest Ace of Clubs. He will have several special techniques. Use caution.

Der Zerbrocht Gundam
Neo-Germany Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Trowa Barton
Armaments: Hyper Scythe, Pulse Shields, Vulcan guns
Special Notes:
Like the Japanese-built Metsukikage, Zerbrocht is based from the Deathscythe HELL Custom design, and therefore sports a high stealth and speed rating. The Hyper Scythe's energy field is known to have similar effects as an electromagnetic pulse weapon. Use caution.

Ryuujin Gundam
Neo-Hungary Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Dorothy Catalonia
Armaments: Dobergun, Beam sword, Micro-Missiles
Special Notes:
Based from the body design of XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom and the weapons of OZ-00MS Mobile Suit Tallgeese. It combines the rugged durability of the Sandrock and the raw power of the Tallgeese.

Gundam Night Scream
Neo-Egypt Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Kali Siftah
Armaments: Buster rifle, Beam scythe, Beam sword, Buster shield
Special Notes:
Designed from the Deathscythe HELL Custom body frame with weapons mixed from other Gundam designs. Built for speed and agility, not for pro-longed or long-range battles.

Final Prayer Gundam
Neo-Ireland Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Duo Maxwell

Neo Wetall Knightblade Gundam
Neo-America Gundam Fighter Representative
Pilot: Zack Knightblade

Gundam Fight International Regulation
1. No "God" Gundams, or Gundams with godlike, "unbeatable" powers.
2. If a Gundam Unit's head is destroyed, that Gundam Fighter loses the match.
3. Do not attack a Gundam's cockpit.
4. Avoid pilot fatalities at all costs.
5. No leaving your cockpit during the course of battle.
6. No alliances are allowed between pilots.
7. All battles are one-on-one except for specified tag team matches. Any pilot who brings another Gundam Fighter to battle for his or her side will be disqualified.
8. Battles between Gundam Fighters are NOT required to be official Tournament bouts. Spars are allowed and encouraged.
9. Do not taunt opponents unnecessarily. (i.e. Chang Wufei is not to be called "Wu Bear" OR "Chang the Two-Headed Man")
10. If a Gundam Fighter is not present at the time of his or her assigned match, then anyone willing is to assume the role of a Story-Teller and play the missing Gundam Fighter as an NPC.
11. Intentional breaking of rules will result in disqualification.