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Mobile Suit Gundam Forever
Passing Destinies
The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star
The Fight for Independence
Go Forth, Gundam Team
Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!
Scenario of Bloodshed
Contact the Pilots

Future Century (FC) 64.
In the distant future, human civilization has moved to the stars, fleeing the polluted and over-crowded planet Earth. Each nation has built a Space Colony for the seat of government to reside within. To prevent all-out war between the Colonies, each nation has built a Gundam Mobile Fighter to fight in the annual Gundam Fight tournaments held every four years. The nation whose Mobile Fighter wins the Gundam Fight rules over the Space Colonies until the next Gundam Fight.
Neo Japan's Burning Gundam, piloted by Domon Kasshu, won the last match in FC 60, after defeating the Devil Gundam and its armies. With the next Gundam Fight beginning, no one knows what is going to happen...

After Colony (AC) 197.
The Earth Sphere Unified Nation continues to exist in peace, without the threat of war. Mobile Suits, the Eve Wars, and the Mariemaia Rebellion are but a distant memory to the citizens. The Gundam pilots have all but disappeared.
A search party sent out discovers that the Gundam pilots really have disappeared. And the remnants of a Mobile Suit production facility has been discovered at the Old Lunar Base. Files indicate that the facility had been in use recently.
Are the Gundam pilots running about the solar system with new Gundam Mobile Suits?


Post-Meteor (PM) 002.
Operation Meteor has ended. The Barton Foundation, OZ, and White Fang have been destroyed, and a new Neo Earth Foundation has been organized to maintain the peace in the Earth Sphere. On the eve of Christmas in PM 002, the ambassador for the Colonies vanishes. The governments of Earth and the Colonies blame it on kidnapping by a militant group, and begin a campaign to wipe out the 'terrorists.'

Inter-Colony Communication Node

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam and New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing are owned by Bandai. After Colony Gundam War is half-owned by Bandai, as the alternate reality theme is my own idea. All Gundams (except Wing ZERO) and characters are copyright their respective owners.  Original characters copyright their creators/players.