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Mobile Suit Gundam Forever
Passing Destinies


Passing Destinies
The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star
The Fight for Independence
Go Forth, Gundam Team
Gundam Fight. Ready, Go!
Scenario of Bloodshed
Contact the Pilots

Three universes of Gundam Fighters.
One destiny.

In the depths and darkness of space, there are those who have discovered and mastered techniques of travel across time and space.

Slade Prescott is just one such individual who has mastered the non-physical plane. Making his living as a weapons dealer, Slade first entered the realms of the Gundams to acquire Mobile Suits for a client. Before entering the broken universe where Operation Meteor had been carried out as planned, he had already stolen Gundams from dozens of other universes. His target in the Post-Meteor universe was the Gundam ZERO and its pilot, Kapri Juuhou. With ZERO and Juuhou tucked safely into the storage bay of his ship, Slade took off to the After Colony realm.
Unfortunately, his instruments malfunctioned, dropping him into the year After Colony 197. The Eve Wars and the Mariemaia Rebellion were already over, and no Mobile Suits existed. However, Preventers still existed, and Slade's ship was detected. The Gundam pilots intercepted and boarded the ship, discovering the Gundam Suits inside. As they attempted to destroy the Mobile Suits, the ship jumped to its next destination, Future Century 64...

Slade Prescott


Charged with transporting Mobile Suits, kidnapping government agents, and smuggling armaments in defiance of sanctions placed by the Earth Sphere United Nation government.  Reward: $10 million.
Charged with stealing Neo Earth government property, kidnapping government agents, and cooperating with terrorists in attempts to overthrow the existing government.  Reward: $25 million.